One of reasons for the popularity of this beautiful bloom, is its versatility. And with over 50,000 varieties available – you will find them in almost every possible flower colour and even a variety of shapes! 

Native to Mexico and South America, they play an essential role in the history and culture of many countries. The Garden Dahlia, is Mexico's national flower. And in the USA, it's the official flower of both Seattle AND San Francisco. The dahlia is also recognised for its medical abilities. The Aztecs used the plant as a treatment against epilepsy, and also produces a substance called Atlantic starch that was used for diabetes before the discovery of insulin. 

While this gorgeous bloom is actually known to be a long-lasting bloom – even being referred to as the "Queen of the Autumn Garden", her blooms are slightly more fragile in our warm, tropical climate. 

We drop a few tips on how to help them stay happier, for longer: 

TIP: Choose flowers that have already started to bloom – buds will not bloom after they have been cut 

TIP: Do not use cold water – immerse your freshly cut stems in room-temperature water to keep them lasting longer

With its connections to so many cultures, there are many significances to the dahlia. One of the most common – is finding inner strength – coming from the plant's ability to withstand harsh conditions. Remaining graceful and standing out is also another popular meaning, stemming from their beauty & elegance. 

If you know someone who is going through a big change in their life – the dahlia is good flower to gift, to express support, good luck & congratulations to embracing positive change.  

Here are some popular Dahlia flower colours and their meanings: 

Red flowers – symbol of strength & power, ideal for gifting someone who's unwell or about to embark on a new career or a new milestone in life 

White dahlias – represent pureness & innocence. Great for grandparents on their birthdays or for baptism / new birth. 

Pink & Purple blooms – is associated with kindness, service and feminine beauty & grace. Making it an excellent gift for mothers, sisters, friends or co-workers. Purple dahlias can also symbolise royalty and dignity. 

Blue & Green dahlias –  These are the blooms you want to gift for friends making new changes in their lives, as they represent a fresh start and significant changes. 

With such a wide range of colours and varieties out there, do you have a favourite? 

Oh, and one last thing... remember to change the water daily and wash your vase when doing so. Any remnant dirty water can cause bacteria to build up, and cos stem rot. Leaves under the water will also do the same, so remove all of these. 


Until the next tip, 

Team Lifestyle 


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