6 Great Plants We LOVE For The Bedroom

Other than my balcony where my plant babies all sit, my bedroom is my sanctuary, where I rest and put the day away. 

We’ve put together a few plants we love that would do wonders for YOU in your bedroom space. Most of them can manage low light spaces and would be pretty happy in both your room & the bathroom! 

Aloe Vera is a great for releasing oxygen at night, helping you sleep better. Not only, they also make for great natural moisturiser. 

The Pothos is a perennial favourite and great for even beginners! Pothos are known for purifying the air. 

Peace Lilies not only look pretty but helps to filer out toxic substances in the air, and boosts humidity. Great if you group with other humidity loving plants in your room. 

A lush pot Boston Fern helps to remove the toxin formaldehyde – commonly found in glues, pressed wood and a lot of our day-to-day products. 

English Ivy is also another classic plant that is super easy to care for – and what’s more, helps to remove mould that is floating in the air. 

And if you’ve read any of my other blogs, I’ve saved my personal favourite for the last – Lavender. I personally have a bundle of dried lavender by my bedside to help in sleep and relaxation. 

This is just a few of the plants out there that work great for a good night sleep – there are plenty more so if you already have these – keep at it :) 

Oh, and one last thing... because the bedroom may not receive as much sunlight as the rest of the house (if you do SO LUCKY!) – remember to always check if your soil is drying out before watering again. Over watering is a common plant killing activity ;) 

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