6 Simple Steps to Propogating

6 Simple Steps to Propogating

I’m fairly new to the propagating myself, so lets start on this journey together with an easy plant, the evergreen and ever beloved Pothos. 

Let’s gather the materials that we’ll need to get started: 

  • Sharp scissors or an x-acto knife – make sure it’s cleaned/sterilised 
  • Glasses full of water to hold cuttings
  • Pot for planting
  • Indoor or all-purpose potting soil for planting 
  • Perlite 

Step 1
Decide how long you’d like your pothers ’ vines to be. Then trim below the lowest leaf node you want to leave on the momma plant. Lay these out carefully and get ready to make your cuttings! 

Step 2
Cut the pothos stems into individual nodes. Some like to propagate a whole stem, but I’ve found that that takes longer to root, and doesn’t transfer as easily to soil later. Cut to the left and right of each node and make sure you leave (see what I did here?) behind a vine attached to a leaf. 

How to identify a node? That’s the little brown bump on the stem. That’s where the roots will start forming :)


Step 3
Now you’ve got your cuttings! Place these cuttings into little jars of water. I like to cover the top of the glass hole with a sponge, using it as a holder for the cutting. This also helps prevents mosquitos from breeding. 

Make sure you have enough water in there so that the node is submerged under the water.  

Leave the cuttings in a warm, bright spot and watch them grow roots! Check on them every 2-3 days to change the water out so that they continuously get fresh oxygen. 

Step 4
Leave your cuttings in water until you see at least 1 inch of roots growing. Keep in mind that the longer the roots stay in water, the more difficult it’ll be to transition to soil. Now that your plant babies have roots long enough, you can start prepairing your potting mix! 

Step 5 
I like to give my tropical plants a well draining potting mix. To keep things easy, I use 30-40% cactus mix and 50-60% volcanic potting mix. You can use your own mix if you have :) 

Fill 2/3 of the pot with the mix and start arranging the cuttings at the sides of the pot, adding soil in to keep them in place. Once that is done, you can fill up the centre of the pot with more cuttings and soil. 

Step 6 
Now, water your new plant baby slowly but thoroughly, until the water drains out the bottom of the pot. 

Congrats! You’re now a proud plant momma of a new pothos! Time to find a new spot for it or gift to a friend.

Oh, and one last thing... make sure to check for mosquitos! If you use a sponge, this should prevent any breeding, but it’s always safer to monitor and ensure we don’t breed any mozzies! 

Check out other vining plants here, if pothos aren’t your thing!   

Credit: I started my own propagating journey with notes & pics from Instructables


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