Air Plants (Tillandisa) are fairly easy houseplants to have at home! In fact, they are so easy, they don’t even need any soil to live in and absorb water & nutrients through the scales on their leaves. 

But as with all plants, there are some guidelines to get these guys thriving! 

While they do enjoy humidity – very often this is because of prolonged exposure to the sun as they will fry easily. Their leaves are very sensitive, and we want to keep them feeling happy to be able to absorb nutrients and water. 

The best way to water your air plant, is to dunk it in water. Spritzing is good for when the weather is too hot or dry and to prevent crisping. It’ll be good to dunk them (fully submerged) in a container of water every 7-10 days for a few hours. 

Once watered, they will need to stay exposed so they can dry out and not rot. Shake off any excess water and leave them in a bright (not hot) spot so they can properly dry off – their pores will get clogged up, and they won’t be able to absorb what they need! 

And while closed glass baubles and terrariums are super cute, they do like to be exposed to the air (being air plants), for good circulation and again to be fully dried out. So do make sure your terrariums are not over crowded, are open and allow for good circulation. 

Air plants when housed indoors, don’t naturally get any pests, but when they do, it’s usually mealy bugs or scales. When this does happen, wipe the bugs off, and spray down with pesticide. 

Always keep your air plant in a well circulated environment, and away from direct sunlight and your little plant should stay happy and grow! 

If you don’t already own an air plant and wanna try your hand at it, or gift it to someone, you can check out our air plant kit here!

Oh! And one last thing… Remember that everyone’s home is a different environment and each plant will behave differently. Just make sure you do not over water, and give it a good air circulation.  


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