Commonly known as ‘Elephant Ears’ due to the shape & size of their leaves when mature, Alocasias originate from Asia & Australia.

Some of the more commonly found Alocasias in Singapore are Alocasia macrorrhizo and Alocasia amazonica. Most nurseries carry these varietals and you can even spot the macrorrhizo growing wild along the highway and at public green spaces! 

But these gorgeous plants also come in a wide variety of shapes and textures and in the right conditions, can grow fast and BIG too. Some of my personal favourites are the Alocasia zebrina for their pretty petioles – mine has grown from a little itty bitty 40cm height, to a monster now at close to 1.5m tall. I do like the Alocasia sarawakensis 'Yucatan Princess' as well, for the dark leaves and contrasting pink petioles. Another personal favourite just because I really LOVE textures, is this cute little guy, the Alocasia melo

I could go on and on, but really there’re are SO MANY varieties of Alocasias, I’m afraid this may become a book instead of tips 😜 

So here we go, some really basic tips to getting you going on care for your Alocasia. Firstly, gentle reminder to know where your Alocasia comes from – this is key in replicating it’s natural habitat for optimal growth! 

I hope these tips get you going on loving these gorgeous arrowhead aroids. 
BUT please remember – plants are all living things, and have their own preferences and idiosyncrasies. What works for a plant in an apartment balcony, may not work for the same plant planted in an outdoor garden! All we can do is try to replicate it’s native environment and learn to understand what they like or not – ust like people ;) 

Oh, and one last thing... underwater NOT overwater ;) it’s easier to rehydrate your plant than to rescue it from root rot. 
‘Til next time,


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