I was really reluctant to start bringing any begonias into my home collection as I was really fearful of their "fussy" nature. But really, it's getting the right species that work well for your gardening habits! And with over 2,000 species out there – you can definitely find a few (OR MORE) that catches your eye. 

The Begoniaceae is native to the moist subtropical & tropical regions of Central & South America, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. With a natural habitat of moist, cool forests & tropical rainforests, although some are adaptable to dryer climes. 

There are 3 types of Begonias: 

  1. Tuberous (these generally require higher humidity and light) 
  2. Fibrous 
  3. Rhizomatous 

Some of the more common ones we can find in nurseries, are Rex Begonias – and there are SO MANY different varietals to this one species. And of course, the ever popular Begonia Maculata – and this alone has quite a few types! 

There are also some rarer Begonia varieties like Begonia rajah, luxurians and 'Black Velvet' that are very popular. What are some of your favourites or on your wishlist? 

If you're a little hesitant to get started with the Begonia, let me #Poison you a little, and share some basic care guide to get you started on your #BegoniaAddiction:

I hope this eases your mind about care for the Begonia and keeping the pretty leaves happy as can be. But always remember – every plant (like every person) behaves and reacts differently to every environment. Use these tips as a guideline on what the Begonia likes. So do adjust the water and media according to what the plants tell you. 

KEY TIP: find out where your variety of Begonia is native to & recreate the environment they originate from. 

Oh, and one last thing... remember that watering throughly means a good drink of water during that particular watering session. Avoid overwater over a few days as this usually means the media doesn't get a chance to dry out, and the roots end up standing in water for too long. And this only leads to root rot. 

And until the next time, happy planting! 

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