Caladiums are strikingly beautiful and such attention grabbers for their beautifully coloured leaves. Originating from tropical South America, there are over 1000 named cultivars for this gorgeous aroid. 

A tuberous perennial, the Caladium does go into dormancy, but with proper care, will usually continue putting out leaves (albeit smaller ones) throughout the year in Singapore. 

And in the right conditions, they can even grow up to 24inches in height and put out leaves larger than your face 😱

Here’re some basic conditions you’ll need to meet to keep your Caladium happy and putting out GIANT LEAVES


These are just some of the tips we have put together from our own experiences and some research while caring for our own caladiums. SO DO remember – that plants are all living things, and have their own preferences and idiosyncrasies. What works for a plant in an apartment balcony, may not work for the same plant planted in an outdoor garden! All we can do is try to replicate it’s native environment and learn to understand what they like or not – just like people ;) 

Oh, and one last thing... underwater NOT overwater ;) it’s easier to rehydrate your plant than to rescue it from root rot. 
‘Til next time,