DID YOU KNOW? That Sansevieria has now been included into the Dracaena genus? And all this due to molecular discoveries! But don’t fret, most of us are still calling it Sansevieria and just so we don’t confuse ourselves, lets keep doing that here. All we need to know is that they belong to the same family, and hence, the care for them may be fairly similar – and that’s what’s most important. 

So here’re some basic care tips to help guide you on your planting journey with Dracaenas and Sansevierias! 

Side note: There’s one thing I’ve chanced upon recently and that has really helped guide me in understanding how much light a plant really needs – every plant will need light, they use light and water to help make food. So whether or not we say LOW light or BRIGHT light, it never means NO LIGHT. Sure, some of these plants can survive in low light, but they simply won’t thrive. SO what we need to do, is make sure the plant in question can see some sky. Low light = less sky; bright light = more sky; direct light = all sky 

Native to Africa, the Dracaena is made to survive in dry & gritty conditions. So make sure that you pot them in well draining mix with large proportion of perlite or pumice to give it the airy mix. Cacti or succulent mix would work too. 

Most of them enjoy being root bound, before they start producing babies – so don’t hurry to repot them. 

Water your Dracaena thoroughly when media is dry through. And then leave it alone. For Sansevierias, try to avoid watering on the leaves as they may cause leaf rot if the water doesn’t dry off. 

Dracaenas are fairly easy plants to care for, with little pests or issues. The main problems are usually when we overwater, and end up giving them root rot. So remember to only water when the media is DRY throughout, before drenching the media until it drains from the pot. Then leave them alone until dry again. 

Check out our easy care plants and pick up a Dracaena or two, or get your hands on a couple of collector Sansevieria. They also make really cute gifts that are easy to care for! 

Oh, and one last thing, keep your eyes peeled for tips coming up on making your own potting mix as well as how to identify lighting conditions easily! 


Until then, stay calm and keep planting! 


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