One of THE most popular genus around – the Philodendron is a large genus of the Arum family, Araceae, with about 900 known species out there! 

From easy to find common plants like Philodendron Brasil or even the Philodendron birkin, to rarer finds (and on many people's wishlists) like the Philodendron verrucosum, and the now infamous Philodendron spiritus sancti (YES! The $40,000 plant that has made the news of late) 

Native to tropical climates, Philodendrons are divided into three basic groups- epiphytes, hemi epiphytes, and terrestrial plants. So to help our Philodendrons thrive, we want to replicate their native environment as much as we can. 

Here are some of our basic care guides we have found to be useful for MOST philodendrons. But remember! Every plant will behave differently in every space. Trial & error is a process we all go through to find what works best for the plant and YOU. 


FUN FACT: Philodendrons are an important source of food for bats and monkeys in the wild! But take note that this DOES NOT make it edible for humans and our pets! 

DID YOU KNOW? Some varieties of philodendron produce a sugary liquid that attracts ants. The colonies of ants protect against pest insects in the wild. HECK NO THANK YOU – so do check on your plants regularly to help keep them pest free! 

OH, and one last thing – always remember, if in doubt, underwater rather than over water. Correcting dry media mix is easier than resolving root rot. 

Until the next blog, stay safe and keep planting! 





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