Basic Plant Care: Let's Get Potty

There are so many types of pots available out there – but what is the correct type of pot for your plant? 

Let's take a little step back, and consider 2 things

  1. how much water do your plants like? 
  2. how often do YOU like to water? 

Understanding these 2 conditions, would help you best decide the kind of pots to get that's best for your plants! 

My personal favourite would be to use clear transparent pots with drainage holes – this allows me to see the conditions of the potting media as well as if the roots are growing well. But if and when I do chance upon a pretty pot, I will usually use them as a cache pot. This helps me to moderate the watering according to the plants' needs and not my own schedule. 

What kinda pots do you like to use? 

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