Follow up to our much earlier post on our TOP 5 COMMON PESTS!!  

One of the biggest banes to my plants when I first started gardening, was pests. They would attack out of nowhere, and if not spotted early enough, becomes a crazy infestation and quickly spreads to other plants! Especially if you are like me, and you have all your plants mingling together like it was a pre-covid party. 

There are a few leading causes to how & when they attack: 

  • Stowaway from a new plant you just brought home 
  • Carried in from birds/other insects 
  • Wind carries them in from nearby infestations  
  • Overwatering – giving them the perfect breeding environment 
  • Under watering – again giving them the right environment to thrive 
  • Not enough air circulation – allowing the pests to live on your plants 

Since the last massive aphid/ spider mite infestation, I've been very cautious about keeping prevention rather than finding a cure when a pest attack hits my plants. So here are a few ways you can clear them pests of your plants! 

I've personally been applying a systemic to my plants for the last 6 months, and have yet to see any attacks. But this is ONLY for non-edible houseplants. You really need to be mindful of what you apply to your plants – if they are edibles, use organic pesticide, if your plants are planted in the ground, make sure your run off will not stream into nearby drains or sources of water for the animal life around. 

I hope this little guide helps everyone understand a little bit more on the different types of pest control available out there. 

And remember – do what works for you and your plants. It's all a learning journey :) 

OH, and one last thing... Prevention is better than cure! 


Until next time,


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