Has it been hot or has it been HOT. This heatwave is absolutely driving me nuts as I am sure you are heading that way, if not already there. 
And with this crazy heat, your care schedule for your plants may just be slightly off. Here're some quick tips on how you can keep your plants a lil happier in this crazy heatwave we are having!
💦 Water your plants earlier in the morning! The heat will cause the surface of your soil to dry out faster, dehydrating shallow roots – so water earlier and remember to drench those roots. If it's a super hot day, you may even want to do a second watering in the evening. This is especially so for edibles or flowering plants that needs to be hydrated. 
💧 Side note – If you allow the water droplets to stay on the leaf – remember this could act as a magnifying glass and in turn scald your leaves! So avoid misting or spraying the plants from the top so as to avoid burning the leaves.
⛱. If your plants are exposed to direct sunlight, try using a shade cloth to give them some respite. You don't have to enclose them from all sides, 1 side will do, so this allows light to still reach the plants. 
🌱 If you have new seedlings or have newly repotted plants with shallow roots, get them into the shade or place them amongst your larger plants. 
We hope these little tips help you along with this crazy weather and that your plants give you the respite from these crazy times. 
OH, and one last thing... remember to not get over excited and water too often. Always check your soil/media to see if it's dried out sufficiently, in case your roots stay in the water for too long.
Until the next time! 


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