Desert Plants Care Tips

Feels like it’s been a while since I last dropped some plant care tips, so I’ve pulled together some popular desert plant care tips for y’all! 

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt in my plant journey so far (and reminded by so many from the community) – is to go learn where your plant originates from! This would help you understand the best kind of environment they would thrive in (or at the very least, not die within 2 weeks!) so you can try to replicate the same or similar environment for your new plant baby. 

Haworthias, Euphorbias & Adeniums do all come from the desert and are from a larger genus of succulent plants – but, do take a look at some of the care tips – they have some slight differences in care and this will make a world of difference. 

TLDR; These plants are all drought resistant plants, and because of their origins from the desert, where they have learnt to adapt to bad soil, gritty sand – we should replicate this. So pot them in cactus/succulent soil mix, water thoroughly and leave them to dry out before watering again. They also like to have bright sunlight, but always remember too much of a good thing is a bad thing – so make sure they don’t get hit with the noon day sun :) 

Oh, and one last thing... I like to treat my succulents like they are cats. Give them some good attention once in a while (or when they ask for it), then leave them be till they ask for it again. 

Until, the next blog.. meow..!




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