Edible Wild Plants of Singapore


So, our crazy weather here (love it or not) is ideal for plants to flourish, and this little garden city of ours, is filled with plants that are edible right off the vine (or branch). 

Here’s a little round up of 5 plants that you can easily find in the (WILD) streets of Singapore! 

Edible Wild Plants Of Singapore – Bougainvillaea, Hibiscus, Tamarind, Blue Pea, Pomegranate

Blue Pea Flower 
A favourite amongst urban farmers for her bright blue blooms and easy maintenance. The blue pea flower is most famously used to colour many a Peranakan dessert. One of my personal favourite, is the Kuih Salat, a 2-tiered local delicacy with a base of sticky rice coloured by the bloom’s extract and topped off with a thick layer of coconut & pandan custard. 

YES. This bushy plant that you spot almost everywhere you turn in Singapore, can be eaten! The flower bracts of this pretty and super hardy plant can be used in fresh salads or fried in batter! 

Hibiscus Flower
The bright colour of the Hibiscus flower makes it more decorative than delicious, but her simple floral flavour makes it one of the easiest to eat. Best eaten fried tempura-style or to brighten a dish of greens. 

Keep an eye out for these bushy plants, you’ll see them everywhere as our local birds delight in her fruits and help to propagate the seeds. Filled with anti-oxidants, this fruit is great as a juice. FUN FACT: It’s considered to be a good plant for luck! 

To round off, I end with another one of my (and many locals’) favourite flavour – ASAM. Yes, that zingy, sour taste you get from Asam Fish Head Curry. MMMMM.. SEDAP! 

Are there any recipes you want us to share from this little blog? Drop us a note – let me know, and we can put that together!

OH, and one last thing... It’s illegal to forage public plants & trees, so please be mindful to only pick what has fallen and on the ground. And, if you’re unsure of whether the plant is harmful to you, simply rub the leaves or flower petals on your skin. If a rash starts up, avoid it! 


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