Feeding Your Fresh Cut Flowers

Yes! You read that right! They may be cut flowers, but they still need food! 

I LOVE getting flowers, buying flowers growing flowers! Just having that pop of colour in & around the home just brings a freshness that cannot be replicated (even by plants!) 

And you know what bites? When they start to wilt within a few days in our crazy weather. 

So aside from the usual, keep it in a cool space, or changing the water daily, feeding them is another way to help them last longer! 

These blooms have been home for 10 days now! And they are still going strong 💪🏼. 

Now, before we get going into the food, lets make sure we have the basics for prepping the flowers sorted out: 

  • One of the first things to do when you get a bouquet home is to remove the rubber bands and trim the stems 
  • Remove lower leaves and any dead leaves from the bottom of the stems. This is to prevent any leaves sitting in the waterline of your vase – causing mold/fungi to grow and infect the water and your flowers 
  • Cut the stems 1-2 inches from the end of the stems at an angle – this increases the amount of space exposed to water – & place the flower in water immediately. This opens the stem to receive the flower food and water. 
  • After a flower has been out of water for some time the stem will seal shut, trimming the end off of the stem again will open it up again. Repeat cutting the stems with all your flowers everything you change the water 

OK, now on to the flower food recipes you can make with ingredients you find around your home easily! 

Are there any recipes you have been using or have heard of? Share it with us, and we’ll keep updating this tip so more people can enjoy their fresh cut flowers for longer! 

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