Flowers & Plants That Bring Peace & Happiness

Vesak Day is a sacred day celebrated by many Buddhists to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and attainment of nirvana of Siddharta Gautama Shakyamuni Buddha. 

But did you know – that Vesak Day was only made a public holiday in Singapore in June 1955? And like a lot of religious celebrations in Singapore, Vesak Day is marked by the lunar calendar – and the reason why we don't have a fixed date for celebration yearly. 

Buddhists believe that the merits they receive for good deeds on Vesak Day is multiplied, so you will see many rites and rituals performed that include the releasing of caged animals and other acts of generosity. 

We curate some of our favourite plants and flowers that inspire peace and happiness, through their beauty & strength, to bring you some peace & happiness on this sacred Vesak Day. 

plants and flowers that bring you peace & happiness; lotus flower, peace lily, lavendar, african violets, cosmo flower, pin cushion flower, scabious, peony

And from our family to you & yours, may you be blessed with grace, happiness and peace this beautiful Vesak Day.  


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