It's Mosquito Season!

The weather has turned, and with the constant rains and hot sun, we are now in the peak of dengue season. Reported cases have hit a record high, with at least 12 deaths. 

We've put together a few plants that are not only great for the kitchen - but also help chase those mozzie blues away! 

One of the easiest herb to grow - lots of sun (direct or partial shade, with morning sun the most dusted) - and plenty of water (daily or once every 2 days). This minty plant can be used in teas with a dash of honey.  

This herb grows well both indoors and outdoors. Water only when the soil is dry to touch and keep trimming to maintain a bushy plant. Great for tomato-based dishes or infuse in olive oil for oregano-flavoured oil. 

This distinctively scented plant brings me back to the Mediterranean seas. Your rosemary will need full sun and adequate watering - but only water when the soil is dry as it won't tolerate being consistently wet. Prune regularly to prevent a lanky plant. My favourite is to season a chicken or vegetables for roasting. 

Who doesn't like a good Tom Yum Goong? This hardy and lemon-y plant just needs to be in a warm, sunny spot with regular watering. Keep pruning to manage the growth as well as encourage new growth. 

Lemon Balm 
Part of the mint family - this fragrant plant grows bushy with small white flowers. Super easy to grow, they love rich, well draining soil and can grow well in partial shade but flourish best in full sun. Prune regularly and use the leaves for a nice cuppa tea during wet rainy evenings and as an insect repellent! 

A great plant activity to do with your kids - simply split each clove carefully from the bulb and plant in well draining soil. 

Another great herb for tomato-based sauce and on its own as a pesto sauce! The basil loves to stay moist, so do make sure it's planted in a well-draining soil, but watered regularly. Prune the leaves from the second section onwards to encourage branching and a bushier plant. 

A personal favourite, I love to keep the dried flowers next to my bed for better nights sleep. they don't do too well in our wet & cloudy climate, but if you use the right soil - we can ensure healthy, happy growth. Plant them in well-drained mix made up of burnt earth, pumice and other gritty materials. Water only when the soil is dry and make sure they get good morning sun. 

If only we can smell these wonderful scents from our screens... Calms me down already! 

One more thing... be diligent in clearing any excess water after you tend to your plants. Help fight the dengue spread by not allowing any mosquitoes to breed at all. 


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