Low light? Medium Light? Direct Light? HUH??

Apartment-living, plant-loving people sometimes can get pretty confusing care tips out there. Leaves turning brown? Too much sun? Too little water? Too much water? 

We came across a little diagram recently that shows you what Direct Light, Low Light, Medium Light etc looks like in a home. Here’s our interpretation of it to help guide us along! 

Another tip to get bright indirect light, if you don’t have the space, is to hang day curtains, to give it some filter, so the light is not super harsh. 

As a general rule of thumb, any flowering plant like hibiscus, jasmine, lavender - all require good, strong, direct sunlight. We highly recommend morning sun if you can, as it will not be super harsh. 

Most other tropical plants, thrive well in bright, indirect sunlight. And a few like the snake plant, or pothos, can do super well in low light. 

But as I always say, every plant has it’s own likes & dislikes! Experiment, use this as a guide, and you’ll come to learn each of your plants’ little quirks. 

Oh, and one last thing... it’s a combination of sunlight & water – so this guide is only just one part of 2 important needs that a plant will require to grow well :) 

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