Philodendron Care

Philodendron Care

Climbing, split leaf and heart shaped, are some of the common names we know the Philodendron as. A family of plants containing over 100 genera and over 3,700 known species, the Philodendron has travelled far beyond the tropics and into many a houseplant enthusiast’s heart (& home). I know they have climbed their way into my heart for sure.

With so many varieties out there, this beautiful aroid will for sure have it’s own care quirks. I’ve put together a few simple care tips to guide you along, before you discover for yourself what your little (or big) aroid loves. 

Oh, and one last thing... Philodendrons are toxic. Try to keep them out of reach of your kids (human and furry). But if they do manage to get their little hands or paws on them do take note of the symptoms! While a child or adult may be able to vocalize their distress, noticing the symptoms in a dog or cat is different. A pet who has ingested a philodendron may have diarrhea, dilated eyes, or itchiness, causing them to paw at their face or mouth area. They may start to vomit or express distress through cries and other vocalizations. If you suspect a pet has ingested part of a philodendron, take them to an emergency veterinarian immediately.


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