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The traditional practice of feng shui believes in bringing harmony and balance into your life, and plants are often used in spaces to help balance the elements of water, bring fortune, purify the air and counter negative energy. 

In fact, you can take it a step further, by bringing in the right plants that complement or symbolise certain aspects that need improving. 

Do remember though, we highly encourage natural plants, as they not only bring the benefits of purifying the air, but also growth. Dying or plastic plants, are stagnant and do not bring positive energy. 


So while you're spring cleaning and making room for new things and beginnings ‚Äď here're some tips on which plants to bring into your space! We've used the Bagua¬†concept here to show you which corners in your home to place certain plants to enhance that aspect. Look at the layout from the main entrance of your space ‚Äď home or office or work space.¬†

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For wealth & prosperity 
Place Lucky bamboo, jade tree, money tree or a citrus tree in the far left corner of your space. 

Fame & reputation  
Not necessarily in the traditional sense of celebrity, but for good standing, and likability, place a jade tree, money tree or philodendron in the far back middle spot of your space. 

Love & marriage
Orchids are considered a symbol of fertility, children and abundance. Anthuriums are also considered good luck for relationships. Placing them in the far right corner of your bedroom, will bring you harmony in your romantic relationship. 

For family protection & new beginnings   
We recommend Peace Lily, lucky bamboo and kalanchoe¬†‚Äď these bring protection, luck and cleanse the space. Put them in the middle left area of your home.¬†

To improve your health 
Place a money tree, jade tree, citrus tree and/or peace lily in the middle of your room. 

For happiness & children / creativity
An air plant, citrus tree of boston fern in the middle right area of the home. For protection, abundance, and joy. 

Knowledge & personal growth
Bonsais and philodendrons are known for wisdom, knowledge and growth. Place these plants in the lower left corner of your space. 

To improve your career, consider the jade tree, peace lily or money¬†tree at the bottom centre of your room ‚Äď this could be your front door or entrance to your work space.¬†

For helpful people & travel 
Bring in a snake plant or lucky bamboo to bring cleansing vibrations and protection in the bottom right corner of your home.  

Looks like I know what we'll be doing this weekend while spring cleaning! Make sure you drop by our space at 5 Simei Lane if you wanna see all the Lunar New Year blooms in action or enjoy the perks & deals online! 

Let us know, which plants you're getting and which part of your life are you enhancing? 


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