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Valentine’s Day

Spring is here, and Love is in the air! And guess what – this is science! 

After months of cold wet weather, Spring brings about sunny days and flowers blooming, it is a season of beautiful cliches – birds singing, bees buzzing and people falling madly in love.

And all this LOVE in the air can be attributed to 1 thing – Dopamine! While dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in your brain, that makes you want things. And while there’s much more involved in “love” – if there’s enough dopamine floating around your system – you will fall hard ;) 

What does this have to do with Spring? Well dopamine is triggered by your brains experiencing new things – and with Spring, comes new colours & scents brought by new blooms. These stimuli trigger the brain, and increase the dopamine production, making you more susceptible to LOVE. 

So load up on those blooms and send some dopamine affection to your loved ones to get them even happier and in the mood for Love this Valentines’ Day. 

Wanna know how to keep those dopamine levels up? Here’re some tips on keeping those blooms lasting longer: 

  1. Cut your stems just before you place them in a vase of fresh water 
  2. Remove all the leaves from the part of the stems that will be sitting in the water – this will prevent bacteria build up & rotting 
  3. Change your water every 2-3 days, remember to cut off about 0.5-1cm of the stem before placing them back in water 
  4. Add a couple of drops of bleach to prevent bacteria build up – this will keep the water clean & clear as well 
  5. Reduce exposure to harsh sunlight – keep your blooms in a nice cool environment, to keep them lasting longer 

Trigger those dopamine levels even more, add on a little gift to accompany your blooms! We have curated a select range of gift options from cuddly to sexy and trendy! And we even have some plant options for those who prefer to nurture a little green plant ;) 

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