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Collection: WonderWomen@SSS 2022

Our Experiential Garden Centre at Simei was always built with community in mind. In the midst of a pandemic, we launched multiple initiatives to give support to issues closest to our hearts. 

In March 2021, WonderWomen@SSS was birthed to encourage the women in our communities to come together in conversation. This initiative holds a very special place in our hearts as Sing See Soon’s Gen 2 and Gen 3 matriarchs were widowed young.  

Wonder Women@SSS is dedicated to celebrating female lives and paying homage to all the strong inspiring women we know. Our initiative celebrates achievements, growth & sacrifices. It encourages self-love and care as well as creates a platform to support each other with heartfelt conversations to motivate each of us to appreciate the journeys we have taken or are taking. 

This year, WonderWomen@SSS kicks off a month of celebrating the Wonder of Women with Gracelyn our CEO on 4,5 & 6 of March – A ride & floral experience with 100% of the proceeds from the experience going towards Breast Cancer Foundation Sg. 

On 13 March, 2022 – in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2022 –  we continue the conversation with a different twist.

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To celebrate 25 years of commitment to breast cancer advocacy and support in Singapore, the Breast Cancer Foundation has nominated our very own Chief Experience Officer, Gracelyn, to be one of 25 S-Heroes. 

In support of the wonderful & important work that Breast Cancer Foundation is doing for women in Singapore, Sing See Soon is adopting the Breast Cancer Foundation as its Charity for 2022. 

Check out our series of events, workshops and products created to celebrate the Wonder of Women – with 20% of all proceeds from products going to support the good work at Breast Cancer Foundation.