'Tis The Season!

'TIS the season for all things Merry & Bright! 

This was our second Local Grower's Market get together in our space, and it's always heartening to see the plant community gathered in 1 space. 

And boy, did @Littlebotanyeast bring it with @LocalGrowersMarket Xmas Edition! With over 40 local brands coming together for an amazing community get together, we saw organic wellness, plant lovers, yummy noms and a ton of workshops made for everyone – from the kiddos, to families and plant lovers looking for advise. A HUGE thank you again to Fendi for bringing together all the planty folks in 1 space. 

And from our family, to y'all, THANK YOU for making this season, one that is Merry & Bright...

Oh, and one more thing... keep your eye on this space. As our festive packed season continues into Chinese New Year, Valentine's AND our annual Wonder Women to celebrate International Women's Day in March!