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Express your best wishes with our freshly arranged floral stand. Some flowers are subject to availability and may be replaced with similar blooms of equal or greater value. We will...


Show your sincerest congratulations and love with our specially curated opening stand. Some flowers are subject to availability and may be replaced with similar blooms of equal or greater value....


Make a statement and impress your recipient with our signature opening arrangements of premium flowers. Some flowers are subject to availability and may be replaced with similar blooms of equal...


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Proclaim your sincerest love and support through sending our one-of-kind floral arrangement that will surely brings warmth to your recipient. Some flowers are subject to availability and may be replaced...


Express your best gratitude using our premium flowers arranged by our dedicated florists.


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Grand Opening Flower Stands

Grand Opening Flower Stands

Opening the doors for the first time is a momentous occasion. After countless hours of planning and working overtime, opening day is one of the most important life milestones for any entrepreneur. Whether it is the first business for a young family or an investment in a new location for an existing brand, it is a time to celebrate. Flower stands for grand openings are a long-standing tradition in Singapore and a beautiful way to add colour to the day.

If you are looking to send flowers to a grand opening in Singapore, we are here for you! Here is everything that you need to know to choose the perfect flowers for a business.

Why Send Flowers to a Grand Opening in Singapore?

Nothing creates a grand entryway like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Having a bold and bright flower stand at the entrance creates an atmosphere of joy and celebration. It shows the owners and employees that their community is delighted to welcome them. Even if you aren’t able to personally attend the event, you can send flowers to a grand opening to show that you care.

Who says that flowers are only for special occasions in our personal lives? Business accomplishments are just as worthy of celebration! Diligent work is something to honour and celebrate every bit as much as a birthday or wedding. And, who couldn’t use a bit of colour and life in their workday?

On top of being congratulatory flowers, flower stands symbolises the start of a new life and an enthusiastic undertaking. As much as grand openings are a time to celebrate, they are also a very stressful time for the owners and staff. After all, the simple act of opening a business doesn’t guarantee success! The nervous energy is running high on the big day and a flower stand is a lovely way to show that you are standing behind the hard-working owners.

What Are the Best Flowers for Grand Opening Occasions in Singapore?

Did you know that flowers have their own language? Beyond just adding a bit of beauty to your day, each flower has its own unique meaning.

Some of the common choices for opening ceremony flower stands include irises, orchids, daffodils, and sunflowers. Irises are a traditional way of marking an accomplishment while orchids represent sophistication. Daffodils have long marked new beginnings while sunflowers are a classic flower of ceremony.

That said, while it is fun to learn about the meaning of flowers, they are certainly not set in stone. Different flowers mean different things to different people. When it comes to the best flower stand for a Singapore event, it’s all about finding bouquets with blossoms that are in season and choosing the right flowers for the business.

How to Choose the Right Flowers for a Grand Opening

When you are trying to decide on the best flowers for a grand opening in Singapore, there are a few things that will help guide you to the perfect floral display. From colour to intention to price, let’s look at some factors that will make your decision a bit easier.

Flower Stand Prices in Singapore

When you are looking for the right gift for a business opening, it is essential to have a budget. Low-cost flower stands are always in-demand and, on the other end of things, it is just as important to not overdo it. You want an appropriate business gift that is neither too much nor too little. It is integral to consider if it is more of a token of your appreciation to a client that you have been working with for a while or a meaningful gift for a close business associate. This will help you pinpoint the price range for your flower gift.

Bamboo Plant Congratulations Gift

If you are looking for a simple and affordable flower stand, options like our Praise bamboo plant congratulations gift are a perfect option. This affordable lucky fortune bamboo display is a symbol of good luck and, as an added bonus, those hearty bamboo plants can be a permanent fixture as they grow and flourish right alongside the new business.

Choose the Right Size for a New Shop or Office Gift

Before you order your flower stand, it is vital to know where you are sending it. You will want to consider if there is space for a stand and what kind of style the place will have. To ensure that your flowers look well suited to the new space, try to envision the end result of it all before you order. If you are completely unsure, it can be worth calling around to get more details.

Dried Flower Delivery in Singapore

If you are looking for a gift to celebrate the opening of a new office and aren’t quite sure of the logistics, the Fancy congratulations bouquet is a lovely option. Made with cotton flowers, dried lavender, dried wheat, purple caspias, and eucalyptus, these dried flowers don’t require water and are an excellent way to show that you care when a congratulations flowers display may not be appropriate. These are a great foolproof congratulations gift as they can be left in an office even overnight without the need for a vase or water. 

Congratulations Flower Stand

Another popular and affordable option for a grand opening in a retail store or office is the Prosper flower stand. If you know there is space for a display and there will be people celebrating at the space, this is an ideal option to create a grand entrance.

Consider the Flowers’ Significance and Meanings

It is important to consider where your flowers will be displayed and who will be at the grand opening event. Is it an elegant affair or a simple business occasion? What is the message that you are trying to send?

For an elegant flower stand, look to the Flourish one-of-a-kind floral arrangement. This is our most impressive congratulatory floral display and a truly luxurious choice. Another chic option for a unique congratulations floral stand is the stunning Prime flower display.

Choose the Right Flower Stand

On top of the venue of the grand opening, it is important to consider the business itself. Look at their logo and website. Think about the voice of the brand and the personal style of the owners. Of course, there is no right or wrong bouquet but looking at those existing elements of design can guide you to the best floral stand gift.

Looking for a bold and bright statement for an up-and-coming business? The Prestige congratulatory bouquet is the perfect colourful flower stand for any elegant Singapore business event. For a tropical flower stand, look to the kaleidoscope of colours that is the Homage bouquet or the striking Toast flower stand.

Get Helping Choosing the Perfect Floral Arrangement 

Not sure which flower stand to choose? Are you still debating on the right way to send your congratulations? Talk to us! Our Singapore flower shop has been delivering fresh blossoms for every occasion for the past five generations. From minimalist floral displays to show-stopping flower stands, we have done it all. You can call us anytime at +65 6904 3029 or email

What to Know Before Ordering a Floral Stand for Grand Opening

Before you order, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions on floral bouquets, wreaths, stands, plants, and gift baskets.

Can I Get Flowers Delivered Outside of Singapore?

No. At the moment, Sing See Soon only does flower delivery in Singapore.

How Far In Advance Should I Order Flowers?

Typically we deliver flowers within three business days. To ensure that the flowers are delivered to the grand opening in time, order as early as possible. Need to get flowers delivered at the last minute? Just call us at +65 6904 3029.

Can I Design a Customised Flower Stand?

Yes, we love custom flower stands! Send us an email at or just click on the Chat With Us button on our website.

What Is a Good Alternative to the Grand Opening Flower Stand?

There is more than one type of congratulatory gift! For many types of office and retail grand openings, a floral congratulations gift isn’t always the best option. There are countless business congratulations gift options so keep on exploring if you are still debating if a floral stand is the right option for a gift.

We deliver gift baskets all over Singapore with a wide range of lovely options. Browse through our gift basket options that are great for anyone on any special occasion. For example, our It's Lovely Care Bundle is the perfect gift for a boss too busy to find to get her own special treats while the Happy Fellow Care Bundle is a great congratulations gift for a man. 

If you are looking for an alternative to congratulations flowers, you may also want to consider plants. Pilea Peperomia In Grey Pot, Scindapsus Pictus 'Exotica' In White Ceramic Pot, or Bay Leaf In a Brown Pot are perfect professional congratulations gifts.

Buy Flower Stands for a Grand Opening in Singapore

If you are looking to send your congratulations on the grand opening of a new store or office, all you need to do is visit our website to find the perfect flower stand. Browse our congratulatory flower selection and choose that gorgeous bouquet to celebrate new beginnings and send good fortune to the hardworking friend, family, and client in your life.

Looking for more inspiration for the perfect grand opening congratulation flowers? Scroll through our Instagram for inspiration on the greatest flower and bouquet ideas.

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