So you love picking up fresh cut roses, and have always wondered why the price difference why? 

Today, we talk a bit about where we usually get our roses from and what differentiates these pretty blooms. 


My personal favourites that we have been bringing in, are from Ecuador as they are so experimental and magical. But of course, if you're looking at a more classic or traditional arrangement, China roses don't do too badly either – more affordable than the Ecuador ones but still slightly larger than the India ones. 

Some of our favourite pairings for a rose arrangement: 

  • Eustomas - the go-to flowers that also come from the rose family
  • Caspias/Statice/White Phoenix - Great fillers if you just want to amplify the volume of your arrangement.
  • Clematis/Astrantia - if you want an airy & light feel for your arrangement to pair with roses
  • Tulips or hydrangeas - if you want to combine the roses with other main flowers that of different shapes and texture, tulips and hydrangeas are the best to pair with roses

What other flowers would you like to see us bring in? 

Oh, and one last thing.. care for your blooms by making sure you remove all the leaves below the waterline. And always make sure you give your blooms clean fresh water in a clean vase! 


Until our next tip..



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