3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Blooms

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Blooms

Ever feel overwhelmed when standing in front of buckets upon buckets of fresh cut flowers in the cold room or even just at the supermarket? 

Here’re 3 very simple questions that would help answer and guide you along your floral selection journey! 

Is it for a dinner party OR just simply to brighten up your home? This helps to determine the “stage” of bloom your flowers are in. 

  • If you are hosting a dinner party, you’ll want the flowers to already be in the semi-bloom state.
  • You may also consider choosing more exotic cuts that will leave a dramatic impression.
  • OR do a more fun arrangement, mixing blooms of different life spans.  

BUT keep in mind, that exotic cuts or mixed arrangements would also mean, your blooms may not last longer than 3-5 days OR that you will have to pick out wilting blooms and rework the arrangement over the course of the week/lifespan of the arrangement. 

If you simply want to decorate/liven up your space, you will want to look for blooms that have similar life span so you get to enjoy the beauty of the arrangement in its entirety.

  • You’d look for budding flowers – with proper care, certain flowers even last beyond 7-10 days! In reverse, flowers which are already in full bloom, will only last for another 2-3 more days
  • Or flowers/foliage that dries well in our climate – like baby’s breath, eucalyptus, statice etc 

TIP: tropical blooms and foilage are a great option!

Do you want to inspire, relax, or need some cheering up? Know what you want to achieve, will guide the colour tones of your selection. 

  • For simple & easy on the eye arrangements, we always like the classic monochrome mixed with some neutrals like white/cream/greens + colour of choice in various shades
  • For a quick perk-me-up, you can choose 2-3 bright tones that sit on the same side of the colour wheel. For example, Reds + Oranges + Pink/Yellow
  • If you’re feeling provocative, deep tones like a dark red with black & brown, and some shades of brighter green can enhance evocative/sexy mood 

This determines the type of flowers and how long they will last in the space and our climate. 

  • We want to keep in mind that Singapore IS a tropical climate
  • Simply said – tropical flowers will last a lot longer here; ginger, heliconia, dendrobium orchids, anthuriums etc
  • Other flowers like tulips, anemones, heleborous, may look great, but because they thrive in the cold, may not do great in our heat and will wilt sooner 

What are your favourite types of arrangements? Now, armed with these 3 simple questions, you can go forth and pick out the right flowers for the right occasion! 

YES, you can bend all the rules. NO, you don’t have to style the same type of flowers together or only arrange winter / summer themes. Creativity is highly encouraged, but just know, that you are now armed with a little bit more information, to help you keep your arrangements lasting a little bit longer. Or at least you’re more prepared for some flowers to wilt a little sooner ;) 

We’ll be dropping some tips on simple processing of flowers when you get them in the weeks to come, so do look out for them! 

Oh, and one last thing… do check out our weekly exclusive BloomsXTwigs for interesting blooms that we bring in only online. 

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