3 Simple Tips To Keep Your Edible Kokedama HAPPY!



No better people to share these tips, than from Karen & Peng of Little Big Garden. One of the OGs on the Kokedama scene when it burst into popularity over the last few years. 

Karen shares 3 easy tips for you, to keep your edible kokedama, healthy & happy!


Your edible Kokedama, like all edible plants, will require partial to full morning sun to shine bright like your smile :) This is essential for them as they grow fast and grow hard, and will need the vitamin D to do that well. 


Water your edible Kokedama every other day, minimally. The medium is exposed to the air (not potted) and will dry out faster, so do make sure to keep it hydrated but not drowning in water! 


To water your Kokedama ball, submerge about 2/3 of the ball in water for about 1-2 minutes. Let excess water drip off before returning it to its hanging to sitting on a base.

And that's it! Easy peasy! When the roots do eventually grow out of the ball you've made, it's time to reform the moss ball with nutrient rich soil and fresh moss! 



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