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Graduation Flowers in Singapore

Looking to congratulate that special scholar in your life? Why not send your warm wishes with graduation flowers? A radiant bouquet shows that you truly care and want the very best of the best for that hard-working student. Whether you are looking to add a touch of elegance to the day or a vibrant splash of colour, a congratulations bouquet will add vibrance to your day and the countless photos you will be taking to commemorate the special occasion.

With the myriad of options for graduation flowers, how do you choose the right bouquet? After five generations of delivering flowers in Singapore for every occasion under the sun, we have learned a few things about picking out the perfect flowers. To help you get started with your online flower shopping, here is a quick look at some of our most frequently asked questions on graduation flowers.

Which Flowers to Give at a Graduation in Singapore

When it comes to graduation flowers, we have seen an incredible variety of congratulatory bouquets. There is no one standard flower type for graduation in Singapore, and it is very much a personal choice with no right or wrong option.

While it is impossible to say which flower best symbolises graduation, we have noticed some popular picks that stand out from the rest. One much-loved option is a sunflower bouquet like our Beaming bouquet. Featuring a gorgeous blend of sunflowers, champagne eustomas, and eucalyptus, it is a beautiful way to add sunshine to anyone’s day. Another bright flower option is our yellow rose bouquet, which is a timeless symbol of friendship and new beginnings, and our Schnazzy multi-coloured gerbera bouquet.

What Are The Best Colours for Graduation Bouquets?

People often opt for bright-coloured bouquets for graduation. Yellow and orange are particularly common options as they stand for achievement and joy. Giving someone orange or yellow flowers is a timeless way to send your best wishes and express your hope for their happy future.

Elegant bouquets like our Adore, featuring quicksand roses, peach gerberas, peach Matthiola, and champagne eustomas are a chic graduation gift for the girl who has it all. For that vibrant scholar who simply radiates sunshine, the Sunkissed bouquet offers a stunning section of yellow tulips, salmon pink roses, cream carnations, champagne eustomas, and mixed eucalyptus.

While these bright tones are popular picks, the best way to choose the perfect graduation flowers is to personalise the gifts. Think about the graduates' favourite colours and general style.

For a feminine graduate gift, look at the pretty-in-pink Tender Blush bouquet of pink tulips, fuchsia carnations, light pink pom poms, purple Matthiola, and eucalyptus. If she would love an exotic flower bouquet, look to the dramatic Wonder Blooms for a radiant array of green anthuriums, fuchsia roses, purple eustomas, mauve carnations, and bupleurum.

If you have a busy day of graduation parties and need a gift that is easy to transport and does not require any fuss during the day, consider a dried flower bouquet. Our Fancy designer pick offers an array of cotton flowers, dried lavender, dried wheat, purple caspias and eucalyptus that don’t need to be placed into water or have a vase.

What Can I Buy for Graduation Gifts for Men?

While flowers are great graduation gifts for women, people often ask us about good graduation gifts for guys. Though flowers for men can be a wonderful idea, there are countless options for new grad gifts that aren’t flowers.

On our Gifts with Love page, you can browse our wide selection of gift baskets and plants. One of our most popular men’s gifts is the Happy Fellow Care Bundle. This impressive gift bundle includes a ficus elastica burgundy plant, First Brew Almond Culture Drink (Black Sesame), a Mellowover scented candle (Amber & Moss Scent) to help him relax after a long day, a MaverickMade custom leather card holder for all of those business cards he will be giving out, Soul+Fix Powdered Supplement (Gelatinized Maca Root) to keep him energised, Nutbite Healthy Dip (Choco coco Butter), and the Handdesignsg's wood-cut resin coaster for this desk.

We also have a wide variety of plants for delivery as well as available at our Singapore plant shop. Shop plants online and see what would be best for your special scholar. Our DIY plant kits are always a foolproof graduation gift for anyone while the wide variety of pet-friendly plants are sure to be popular with the animal lover in your life. For the foodies out there, we always recommend our selection of edible plants that will spruce up everything from a gourmet meal to a simple salad to a cocktail. 

Should I Send A Graduation Bouquet?

People often debate if it is better to have graduation flowers delivered or to bring them in person. Ultimately that depends on a few factors. If you can’t attend the ceremony or live outside of Singapore, of course, it is a smart idea to have flowers delivered. It shows that you care even if you can’t be there in person on that special day.

Another factor to consider is the logistics of the day. If you are going to the official ceremony and someone else may be bringing a graduation bouquet, it may make more sense to have the flowers delivered to the graduate’s home.

Often families will plan a full day of events and celebrations outside of their home and it may be more practical to have the flowers delivered rather than to have them carried around from place to place. As always, we recommend simply asking! While it is nice to have a surprise graduation gift, you don’t want to create any distractions or inconveniences on the big day.

Buy Graduation Flowers Online & Delivery in Singapore

If you are on the hunt for the best graduation gift in Singapore, it is time to visit our online store to find that one-of-a-kind flower bouquet. Browse our special occasion flower bouquets and decide which one that special someone would love. Want to see the flowers in person? Visit our flower shop in Singapore at 5 Simei Lane.

Looking for more inspiration for an impressive graduation gift? Scroll through our Instagram for inspiration on the best bouquet and unique gift ideas.

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