Basic Plant Care: Soil Amendments

In an earlier blog, we touched on different media types commonly used for potted plants. And boy is there a huge world of media types out there. Now, not every media type is made equal, and just like people – different media types are good for different purposes. 

There are lots of plant parents out there who still like to use the good ol’ garden soil – and to be honest I very often leave my plants in the nursery soil they come in, and only upgrade when I am repotting. 

However, the world has expanded and so here we are – talking about different medium and how to make them better for different plants. 

For those who of us who really dive into what each plant type needs, you’ll find that they need different pH levels, acidity, alkali etc. – In today’s blog, we are gonna talk a bit about the different types of soil amendments easily available. 

You’ll notice that some of the amendments featured here, overlap with the common media types from the previous blog. And yes, some people do purely use sphagnum moss as a media, or LECA as a media on its own. These will need to have nutrients / fertiliser added to them as they hold no nutrients of their own. 

We do recommend you read a bit further into how much each plant type will need. There are plenty of reading material out there on what kinds of media each type of plant will need. 

Do keep an eye out for out next instalment, where we will talk a little about our favourite mixes for some general plant types out there. 

Meantime, happy planting you guys! 

#GrowWithLove XOXO 


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