#FEEDWITHLOVE: Grace's Nyonya Chicken Curry with Homegrown Cherry Tomatoes

Grace's Nyonya Curry Chicken

There's nothing more Asian or Singaporean than food and eating. AND #feedwithlove is something that's near & dear to our hearts here at Lifestyle@SingSeeSoon. So there's no better way to close off Singapore's birthday month with a very special recipe that Grace uses very often to cook for her friends, family AND US! 

Check out (and download to share) her own recipe that she's tweaked to also include homegrown cherry tomatoes for the extra zest in flavours: 

curry chicken recipe card

PLUS! Some tips on how you can grow your own Cherry tomatoes at home with our very own Cherry Tomato Grower Starter Kit 

Germinating the seeds 

  1. Fill a seedling tray with soil 
  2. Make a small hole in the soil with your finger – about 1/2cm deep
  3. Place a seed in the hole and cover with soil 
  4. Mist the soil and keep it moist & humid until you see the shoot pop out – this should happen between 5–7 days 
  5. Keep it in a humid area that's shaded and not exposed to direct sunlight 

Transplanting your seedling

  1. Transplant the seedlings after 3-6 weeks and when they are about 5–7cm tall 
  2. You can pop the seedling + soil out of the tray so that you don't damage the roots 
  3. Fill your pot with well-draining soil or media. Place your seedling into this hole and make sure it's stable 
  4. Make sure you place your baby tomato plant in a spot that has 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Morning sun is the best! 

Staking, fertilising & pollinating 

  1. When the plants start to grow, you'll need to stake or support them with a trellis to prevent them from collapsing
  2. Fertilise your plant with a balanced NPK fertiliser – the simplest way would be to use a slow-release fertiliser and apply the granules to the top soil
  3. Check the plant daily to see if it needs watering – make sure to keep the soil moist. If it gets too dry, it can cause fruit cracking or rot
  4. Water the soil directly. Avoid misting the leaves as high humidity can cause diseases
  5. When your tomato starts to bloom, gently tap the stems of the plant to help pollen distribute and self-pollinate
  6. Depending on the type of tomato, you can expect to harvest between 70-100 days after sowing 

Once your tomatoes are ripe and have matured in colour, harvest them and enjoy your homegrown tomatoes in the YUMMYLICIOUS curry recipe of an easy omelette! 

Check out our grow tips for chilli here and spice up your meals with your own chillis! 


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