The fragrance from a lily is unparalleled and instantly recognisable. I have never walked into a space and not recognise a room filled with the fragrance of this graceful beauty.

 But DID YOU KNOW? The lily is one of THE OLDEST cultivated flower dating back to the second millennium BCE! The Greeks and Romans grew if for both ornamental and medicinal purposes. During the Middle Ages, the Madonna lily was associated with the Virgin Mary symbolising purity, and in East Asia, various species were grown as food.

One of the most popular mythology surrounding the lily, comes from Greek mythology – where the lily was formed from Hera’s breast milk – making it a symbol of purity and virtue. A symbol that has carried through time, into various other cultures across the world. 

As a popular perennial bloom, here are some things you need to keep in mind to keep you blooms happy in your space, all through the year! 



With over 100 species of true lilies, the many colours they come in symbolise various things. Some of the more common ones known and easily available:

  • White lilies symbolise purity and virtue 
  • Red lilies symbolise passion
  • Pink (stargazer) lilies symbolise prosperity and abundance
  • Yellow lilies symbolise thankfulness and desire for enjoyment
  • Orange (tiger) lilies symbolise confidence, pride, and wealth

So, now you know what to look out for – whether buying for yourself or for someone – Be it fresh cut blooms or in a beautiful arrangement or bouquet. 

Oh, and one last thing. Don’t forget to check out this tip on how to make your own flower food right in your own home with ingredients you can find in any kitchen!

Until next time, keep on blooming! 



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