Our 3 Top Tips for Tulips!

Any mention of tulips bring to mind the beautiful landscape of Holland and the rows and rows of colourful tulips in the farms at Spring time.

BUT (Yes! There’s always a but) – DID YOU KNOW that tulips were originally flowers that grew in the wild in Central Asia? The Turks began planting them as early as 1000 AD. The Turks have been growing them since as early as 1,000AD, and when the Sultans during the Ottoman Empire demanded special flowers to suit their taste – the craze blew up BIG. Thus birthing the name “tulip”

FUN FACT: The name “Tulip” comes from the Persian word “Tulbent”. The story starts when a foreigner in Istanbul was wandering and saw some LALE(tulips) and asked a man showing the flowers. But the guy who was working on the flowers could not understand what the foreigner was asking. He thought the foreigner was asking the cloth which the worker was wearing on his head. The answer was "oh TULBENT TULBENT!". Time by time, long ways, voyages...the word reached to other lands and became accepted as TULIP.

SO, how did the tulip end up becoming Holland’s National Flower? Politics of course! It was in the 16h Century where the ambassador of the Habsburg monarchy brought back some bulbs after a visit to the Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. After leaving Vienna to teach in a University in Leiden, Netherlands – he brought the bulbs along and planted them there. Over the years, he experimented with the tulips, and it became so successful and sought after, people were even investing in tulip bulbs! 

OK, enough rambling on about who and what and why & where – here’re are our 3 TOP TIPS for Tulips! 

FUN FACT: Copper is a fungicide! So adding the copper penny to the water, helps protect the tulips from bacteria. See a common thread here – keep it hydrated, keep it clean! 

As with a lot of flowers, the tulips are closely related to the emotions of love, specifically perfect love. This comes from a tragic love story between a prince and a beautiful girl. According to one tale, Prince Farhad had fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Shireen who was murdered. This tore Farhad apart and in desperation, he rode his horse down the cliff, and where his blood touched the ground, a red tulip grew – and because of this, the most common meaning of a tulip is perfect or deep love.

Other tulip colours & their symbolism

  • Pink tulips are a symbol of happiness and confidence
  • Purple tulips are a symbol of royalty
  • Yellow tulips are a symbol of happy thoughts
  • White tulips symbolise forgiveness

We’d love to see your beautiful arrangements or how you decide to display them at home! Do tag us @Singseesoon.lifestyle so we can share the beauty of tulips with our community and enjoy them together! 

Oh, and 1 last thing… Don’t forget our 3 top rules for all fresh cut flowers. Keep them hydrated, keep the water clean and keep them cool! 

What other tips do you wanna see? Let us know – until then, keep planting and blooming! 



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