Don't like those plastic fake trees and wanna have a real tree this Christmas BUT you truly don't have the space? Why not get a potted mini tree instead? Best thing is, when the season is over and with proper care (which we are sure you will shower with love), your mini potted tree can last over many seasons!


Most of the mini potted trees you get from us or from other retail shops will be root-bound, which means for it to grow more, it'll need to be repotted into a new pot. BUT wait till it gets acclimated in its new space before the repot. 

We suggest to repot them 3-4 weeks after you've brought them home, and found the best spot in your house for it. 

Make sure your new little tree is kept in a cool and shaded space with access to indirect light only. Check out this blog here on what indirect light would mean in your space. 

Importantly you need to know that too much heat will dry out its foliage. It also needs to stay away from drafts and other heat sources – yes, this wee one is a wee bit sensitive :P 

I would also avoid hanging fairy lights on this baby tree, even at such low heat, it can still dry out its leaves. 


Keep the soil of your mini tree slightly moist (unless it's a rosemary tree – in which case let it dry out before watering) BUT always allow water to drain through to avoid any root rot! 

We recommend to water throughly when the top soil is dry to touch. 

And there you go! If you use these tips as a simple guide, you can keep your tree for years to come. Re-pot them after each season, making sure to upsize the pot if you want your tree to grow bigger, and keep the size of the pot if you want to maintain it's size. Importantly, you will need to make sure you refresh the soil every year or so, so that the roots get fresh air and can take in water! 

Pick up your mini potted trees from our Gifting Collection or from our Christmas Trim Shoppe!  


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