DID YOU KNOW? That our favourite festive plant is actually a tropical plant native to Mexico? And do you know what this means? It means you don't have to throw out this pretty plant as soon as the Christmas season is over. It also means, the care for this plant is super easy and very much like the rest of the flowering plants you have at home! 

We pull together some simple tips, to keep your Poinsettias happy and healthy and lasting waaaaaaaayyy longer than just the 12 days of Christmas! 

Keep reading to find out how! 

Your poinsettia loves light! As most plants with bright & pretty colours, they love bright daylight. If your plant is gonna stay indoors, try to keep it near a south, east or west facing window. If placed outdoors, make sure it receives at least 4-6 hours of partial sunlight a day!


This pretty babe loves to stay moist. When the surface of the soil feels dry to touch or the pot feels light, it's time to thoroughly water them. Letting them get too dry will cause them to wilt :( 

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO ALLOW THE WATER TO DRAIN THROUGH. Never leave your plant to sit in water too long as this WILL cause root rot ‚Äď and we don't want that.¬†


You don't have to fertilise the Poinsettias throughout the holiday season. However, when you do see new growth like new green leaves, stems, bracts ‚Äď it's time to fertilise them for the new growing season.¬†

Fertilise with an all-purpose household plant fertiliser, mixing it with water at half the recommended strength. Feed them every 3-4 weeks to keep healthy for new growth. 


AND YES. You really can keep your Poinsettias and have them re-bloom. There's a few things you'll need to do to bring back the pretty colours, or you can keep them as green plants too :)  

Keep in mind KEY DATES on what you'll need to do: 

  1. NEW YEAR's DAY Fertilise once you see new growth (see above pointer on fertilising). Continue to give it light and water. 
  2. VALENTINE'S DAY (mid-Feb) Make sure to check your plant for signs of insects like white flies. We like to use a preventative like Nature Defender and or together with Superplant! 
  3. ST PATRICKS DAY (mid-Mar) Prune off any faded or dried leaves. Clear out any leaves from the soil surface ‚Äď add more potting soil if the roots are visible. Continue keeping your plant in bright light!¬†
  4. JUNE HOLS (end-May) Trim off 2-3inches off branches to encourage side branching. 
  5. FATHER'S DAY (mid-Jun) Move your plant to where there is indirect light. You can check out this article on what indirect light means for your home. 
  6. Eid al-Adha (end-Jun/early-Jul)¬†Trim the plant again and move it into FULL SUN. Continue to water and fertilise ‚Äď BUT increase the amount to accelerate growth!
  7. SEPTEMBER HOLS (early/mid-Sep)¬†Move to a spot where it gets at least 6 hours of direct light ‚Äď more if possible. As new growth begins, reduce the application of fertiliser to 1/4 the recommended strength.¬†
  8. MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL (end-Sep) Here's where it gets fun. Around the last couple of weeks of September, give the plant 16 hours of UNINTERRUPTED DARKNESS and 8 hours of bright light everyday! We suggest to put it under a box so that NO LIGHT seeps through. Continue to water and fertilise at the reduced 1/4 strength rate. Do rotate the plant daily to give all sides even light when it's exposed. 
  9. BLACK FRIDAY SALE (end-Nov) You can stop the short day/long night treatment around end-November! Put your plant in a sunny area that gets at least 6 hours of direct light. Reduce water and fertiliser. 
  10. CHRISTMAS Enjoy your "NEW BLOOMS"! 

If you do try this out, do take pics and let us know how it goes! If all else fails, you know where to find us ;) 

Check out our multi-coloured Poinsettias here and pick up one or two or more for your friends! 


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