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Mother's Day Flowers | For Mum, With Love

For Mum, With Love – Celebrating Experiences With Mum, For Mum

Take mum out for an experience that lasts beyond the blooms and gifts. Spend your special time with mum at our lush green space in 5 Simei Lane, and go on a journey of wellness coupled with an experience that calls out to mum's favourite thing to do. 

From food, to art to florals, we have have designed experiences for every mum out there. 

Your Guide to Ordering Mother’s Day Flowers in Singapore

When it comes to gifts for Mum, there is nothing better than Mother’s Day flowers. After all that these wonderful women have done for us, it is time to treat them to something special. Having a beautiful bouquet delivered to her door is sure to brighten her day and make her smile every time she passes by the gorgeous arrangement.

Whether you are looking for something for your mother, wife, sister, friend, or any other doting mum in your life, we have you covered with everything you need for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Here is your guide to ordering flowers for Mother’s Day.

Choosing the Best Flowers for Mother's Day

When you are strolling around the displays at a florist in Singapore, it is easy to get lost in the sea of options. How do you choose the best bouquet? Here are a few ideas for a magnificent gift for a magnificent lady.

Bouquet of Roses

Nothing makes a woman feel special like a bouquet of roses delivered to the door. Treat your mum to the timeless beauty of a beautiful bouquet of roses. 

A red rose bouquet with eucalyptus like the Bold bunch is a perfect pick or you can add some shine to her life a the Sunkissed bouquet of pink roses, yellow tulips, cream carnations, champagne eustomas, and a splash of eucalyptus. If your mum loves a tropical style, she is going to adore the Wonder Blooms bouquet.

Carnation Bouquet

Carnations are a classic pick during Mother's Day. These are some of the long-lasting flowers and are amongst the most affordable. It is the perfect win-win.

A beautiful bunch of carnations like the Mamma Mia bouquet is the pick for a bouquet. This pretty pink explosion of carnations, roses, pompoms, and green bells is a dream. For an elegant carnation option, the Kindle bouquet of fuchsia carnations, tulips, roses, and eucalyptus is an ideal pick.

Tulip Bouquet Gift

What symbolises spring better than an Odette bouquet of tulips? These lovely pink tulips with green bell and eucalyptus are the perfect gift for Mum. To make her feel like the queen that she is, have the Bisou bouquet of flowers delivered for Mother’s Day. This impressive bouquet of tulips, eustomas and eucalyptus will take her breath away.

Long-Lasting Flower Bouquet for Your Mum

If your mum already has enough to do and is looking for bouquets that are easy to take care of, look at a dried bouquet of flowers. The Fancy bouquet is a stunning collection of dried lavender, wheat, purple caspias, eucalyptus, and cotton flowers.

If you are looking for fresh-cut flowers, why not make your own DIY bouquet to flaunt your creative side? Pick up some of the longest-lasting cut blooms. Keep on reading for a quick list of flowers that you’ll want to add to your shopping list.

Longest Lasting Flowers

Want cut blooms that will last for more than a week? Look for these ultra-long-lasting bouquet picks.

  • Laceleaf: For blooms that lasts more than a month, you will love the laceleaf, also known as anthurium. You can have them in a tropical bouquet like the Wonder Blooms or opt for a long-lasting flowering plant like the anthurium andraeanum.
  • Gerbera: These colourful blossoms last for up to three weeks! Make a floral arrangement with yellow gerbera, fuchsia gerbera, or red gerbera. Another stunning option is to have a rainbow bouquet of gerbera delivered to Mum’s door with the Schnazzy or the charming Adore of quicksand roses, peach gerberas, peach matthiola, and eustomas.

Pro Tip: Want your bouquets to last as long as possible? Before you put them in water, trim away the foliage that will end up being underwater and make sure that your vase is completely clean. Cut the stems of your flowers with a sharp knife then put them in cool water. And, importantly, keep trimming your flowers every couple of days. If you have a bouquet of different types of flowers, it’s especially important to toss the ones that are wilted. You want to have fresh water every couple of days and make sure that you are trimming the stems every time and editing out the dying buds.

Alternative Gifts for Mother’s Day

As much as we adore a gorgeous bouquet, they are far from the only option for a Mother’s Day gift. For every type of mum, there is a perfect gift. Here is some inspiration to help you make the right choice for your one-of-a-kind mum.

Gifts for Mums Who Love to Cook

If your mum loves to cook, why not spend the day creating a herb garden together? It is a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving day after day when she trims away fresh herbs from her kitchen garden. Grab a mint plant, rosemary plant, curry dish herb garden and sweet basil plant for a practical and pretty DIY herb garden. Not in the mood to get your hands dirty? Grab the ready-to-eat Marinade Herb Garden.

Gifts for Mums Who Love Animals

Is your mum obsessed with dogs? Has she got a cat who is the king of the castle? Look at our extensive collection of pet-friendly plants. From chic lady palm plants (rhapis excelsa) to colourful peperomia argyreia, there are plenty of pet-safe plants to choose from.

Gifts for Foodie Mums

Want a Mother’s Day gift basket that is sure to impress? Delight her with the It's Lovely Care Bundle. This thoughtful gift basket includes a crassula ovata plant, First Brew almond culture drink in red quinoa flavour, a Mellowover scented candle in golden coast scent, Claymate custom hand-made earrings, Soul+Fix powdered supplement in camu camu berry, Nutbite Healthy Snack in almond nuts, and a Handdesignsg's wood-cut resin coaster.

What to Know Before You Order Mother’s Day Flowers and Gifts

There are a few common questions about flower delivery that we often get so let’s take a look at these to make your ordering process quick and easy.

How Far In Advance Should I Order a Bouquet for Delivery?

Here at Sing See Soon, our standard flower delivery time is three working days. Since Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of year, we always recommend ordering your bouquets as early as possible.

Looking for last-minute flower delivery? Give us a call at +65 6904 3029, email us at, or click on the Chat With Us button at the bottom of any page on our Singapore florist online store.

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

If you want to opt for bouquet delivery, you are looking at a fee of $10 per delivery location. If you are ordering a large plant, the delivery fee is $30 per delivery location. Want free Mother’s Day flower delivery? Spend $200 on a single receipt.

Can I Order a Custom Bouquet?

Yes, in addition to our selection of bouquets for delivery, we offer customised arrangements. Chat with us by phone at +65 6904 3029 or email to let us know what you have in mind.

Buy Mother's Day Flowers Online & Delivery in Singapore

Looking for more Mother’s Day gift inspiration and flowers? Hop over to our Instagram for more ideas that your mum is going to love. On top of picture-perfect floral bouquets and lush plants, we have a Singapore arts and crafts events calendar that is full of perfect ways to spend the day with Mum.


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