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Fraser Fir Christmas Tree 8-9FT

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree 8-9FT

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Semi shade to full sun

Prefer little water

Fast-draining sandier soil. Slightly acidic to slighly alkaline.

Standard cactus or all-purpose fertilizer.

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Deliveries of trees in this listing will commence from 24 NOVEMBER onwards. Please choose a date from the date picker before adding to cart. Delivery for all Christmas trees is set at a $30 flat rate islandwide with no additional surcharges for Sentosa or Marina Bay.

We provide disposal services for your tree after the celebrations are over. Pick a date for your tree disposal here. Disposal of trees slots available from 26 DECEMBER 2023 to 6 JANUARY 2024.



Each bundle purchase comes with 6 sets of ornaments & 4 packs of lights for your tree decoration. For bundle purchases, the above are provided.

Please indicate your colour preferences of your Xmas baubles clearly in the notes before carting out. Click here for Xmas baubles colour availability.

Our trees are sold without stands to give you a choice to reuse your old stands & without disposal.

Due to unforeseen weather and port congestions, we seek your kind understanding should be there any shipment delays during this holiday season. 

*Images are for pictorial representations and height approximation only. Your freshly cut Christmas tree is organic in nature and will vary in height and colour. 

About Fraser Firs

Voted as the most beautiful tree in Canada twice, the Fraser Fir, is an evergreen tree that can measure up to 25 meters tall with an average trunk diameter of 30cm. The crown is conical with straight horizontal branches and a thin smooth grey-brown bark with resin blisters. Renowned for retaining its needles longer than other trees, keep the fresh scent of pine longer in your homes. 

How much is delivery?
Islandwide delivery is available at $20 per trip/ location. For large plants, delivery fee is set at $30 per trip/ location. FREE delivery applies for any spends above $150 in a single receipt.

*Exclusive of GST & for single trip only.

How long will I need to wait for my delivery?
Unless you have specified a specific date & time, orders will be shipped within 3 working days.

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Product Story

Sansevieria species has common names include mother-in-law's tongue, devil's tongue, jinn's tongue, bow string hemp, snake plant and snake tongue.

It is tested by NASA it absorbs carbon dioxide at night, and oxygen is released during daylight. Night time absorption of CO₂ purportedly makes them especially suitable as bedroom plants. Popular choice for architecture and interior for architecture and interior design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship overseas?

We currently don't ship overseas. 

How much is delivery?

Islandwide delivery is available at $20 per trip/ location. For large plants, delivery fee is set at $30 per trip/ location. FREE delivery applies for any spends above $150 in a single receipt.

*Exclusive of GST & for single trip only. 

How long will I need to wait for my delivery?

Unless you have specified a specific date & time, orders will be shipped within 3 working days. 

Will I be able to track my order?

We don't offer this service currently. 

I do not like what I received, can I get a refund?

All plant/floral products are organic in nature and will vary slightly from images shown on our site.

Each of our orders are lovingly picked & packed, but there will be instances of imperfections.

As such we do not have a refund policy, but subject to circumstance, will make a 1-to-1 exchange or exchange for an item of similar or lower value, or offer a store. Credits to be used within 3 months. 

Am I able to make changes to the flowers in the bouquets you retail?

Any requests to change the bouquet, is considered a customised arrangement. Please drop us a note on chat or an email at and one of our friendly floral designers will get in touch with you for your requirements and provide a quote. 

Will I receive the same plant as the image on your listing?

Every plant/ flower is one-of-kind and will be different from each other. Images on site are for visual reference to the species and you will not receive the exact one.

We are however committed to making sure you receive the plant in its best condition. 

The leaves/flowers on my plant looks different/ faded/ unhealthy! 

Like all living things, they will sometimes get stressed while in transit. Every plant behaves differently, so do drop us a note via chat and we will help wherever we can. 

Tears & holes in leaves, broken stems, dried flowers are all perfectly normal. With your loving care, your plant/ flower will perk right back. 

General plant care/ tips when you first receive your plant mail

  • Check the soil of your plant when you receive it - if it’s dry through, give it a good drink and leave it to acclimatise to its new home.
  • Try not to repot it for a couple of weeks until it has settled into your space.
  • We encourage you to check the soil before each watering. It’s always wise to under-water rather than over-water.
  • Try to water your plants in the morning, as it gives it the whole day to dry out before night fall.
  • Remember to clear any stagnant water around, to prevent mosquitoes from breeding! 

General fresh cut flowers/ bouquet tips when you receive your blooms

  • To keep your cut flowers, fresh - always give the stems a little trim, before putting them in fresh, clean water.
  • A little bleach will also keep the water clean and prevent bacterial growth (slime).
  • Try to trim the stems every time you change the water in the vase. Remember to ensure leaves do not fall under the water line - this will increase slime build up. 

Check out this blog to learn how you can feed your fresh cut flowers.

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