It’s That Christmas Time Of The Year

It’s That Christmas Time Of The Year

What a year it has been. Through all the ups & downs we’ve had this year, there’s one thing we’re really looking forward to, and that is Christmas. We’re not sure if it’s gonna be all sorts of wonderful, but we sure as heck will try to make it one. 

Ever since I had my first pine scent, I’ve never had an artificial tree at home. And for that month (or sometimes months) – home smells like what the movies make Christmas out to be. The fresh scent of pine, and cold mountain air. 

And we are now so proud to be able to bring that feeling into your homes! Check out our wonderful Fraser Fir Christmas Trees & bring home the smells of Christmas this year. Pre-orders for our limited quantity have begun! 

One of the biggest initiatives we’ve had this year was #SSSsupportsLocal. But we’ve already been doing that way before. Some 3 years ago, we set out across the Americas to source for not only sustainably grown trees, but also local mom & pop type Christmas tree farm.

We travelled from Salem (yes, THAT Salem) and all the way up North into Canada, and finally found the perfect little tree farm. Sustainability was always key in sourcing for our tree. And the farm we are now partners with has a goal to distribute a fresh, beautiful product of quality while making sure the land they plant and harvest from, is protected, and the soil, well preserved. 

Hui Bin and the farm owner, with the tree seedlings. 

Every tree we bring in, is carefully selected and packed and transported to Singapore in the best conditions. 

Straight from the Canadian farm, these trees get unpacked and washed before we pack them up right here in Singapore and delivered to you. We make sure to shake out the dead pines, water down so that when you receive them, all you gotta do is get them twinkle lights turned on and baubles hung up. 

We truly are excited about Christmas, and have so many other exciting things planned for you! Keep your eye on this space, as we launch more fun Christmas things. 

Oh, and one last thing... we’ll have some tips coming up, on how to keep your pines in tip top shape. Let us know if there’s anything you want to know more of! 


Create Magical Memories With Our Fraser Fir Tree This Christmas

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