It's been hot 1 minute and rainy the next. We dropped some #Cooltips for #Hotdays some time back, and now's the perfect time to share what we know to do when the monsoon hits us! 

While the monsoon season may be great for plants, with the wet weather increasing humidity, and the burst of heat throughout the day might boost the sunlight factor – this may also turn our watering schedule a little bit topsy turvy. 

So what can you do to work around this? 

Overwatering will almost always, lead to ROOT ROT. And it's SO DIFFICULT to come back from root rot. What's the best way to water?

Most plants (especially indoor plants) need they media to dry out at least 50-75% before watering again. I personally like to use well draining media so water doesn't stay in the pot for too long (Tips on soil amendments at the end of this blog!)

Once you've got your media sorted, always water the media thoroughly, do this a few times to ensure the water reaches all parts of the media. Then, leave it alone until you feel the media has dried out! 

Making sure your pots have GOOD DRAINAGE is also key to helping you avoid root rot. If the water flows out of the pot, there will be lesser chances of it keeping your media AND roots moist. 

Another way is to use terracotta pots. Terracotta pots are porous in nature and will draw moisture away from the media, making it the perfect pots for those of us who love to water our plants. 

Check your plants regularly for any signs of pests or fungal infections. The wet weather will bring out the creepy crawlies and increase chances of any kind of fungal infections. 

I like to say, prevention is better than cure. I personally use systemic prevention at home, and you can try a few of these: 

  • Diatomaceous Earth 
  • Starxle G 
  • Nature Hut's Organic Plant Booster 
  • Nature Defender 

We always need fresh air. And that's no different for your plants, especially indoor plants. Make sure the space they are in, are well ventilated! This allows for good air flow to dry up any extra moisture – especially on leaves, cos if the leaves stay wet for too long (surprise, surprise!) they will also rot, or be susceptible to pests.  

And lastly – which I know a lot of us find difficult to do – PRUNE. Pruning helps to reduce pest infestations, as those bugs enjoy hiding and the more you prune, the less place they have to hide! 

PLUS, pruning also helps to rejuvenate your plants. And sometimes, the new leaves even grow back bigger and better and happier. And isn't that everything we want? 

Hope these tips help you with this monsoon season that seems to be here to stay at least for the next couple of months. And until then... 

Here's a list of tips that was mentioned in this blog! 

And as always, one last thing... You can drop us a DM on IG or FB and chat or ask us if you're facing anything you're unsure about. 

Until the next blog, XoXo 

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