How To Care For Your Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

How To Care For Your Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

So the trees are in our cooler rooms and we are super excited to be sending them out over this next few weeks! 

We’ve had quite a few inquiries on how to care for your trees and get them to last longer in our climate, especially for those of us, who are getting them for the first time. 

Maintaining a high moisture level is KEY to getting the tree to last longer. A tip would be – where possible – to trim 1cm off the base before placing in water. This gives the tree cleaner/newer access to water! And because I don’t turn the air conditioning on just for the tree, I personally like to chuck some ice cubes with every refresh of water. 

Keeping the mozzies at bay (especially in this weather!) – is absolutely a must! You can wither use mosquito bits, aspirin (I do this) or a teaspoon of bleach (this is a florist trick to keep the water from turning mucky too). 

Let us know if you have any other tips for keeping your tree fresher, longer! These tips that I personally use, help me keep my tree without too much pine needles falling out, between 4–6 weeks. It really depends how discipline I am with the water refreshing. 

If you don’t already know, we are completely sold out on trees, but we still have some limited edition wreaths on our Christmas range too! Do check out our Christmas bauble & floral kits as well – great as gifts or for yourself. 

Oh and one last thing... we have a bunch of really fun Christmas Workshops over November & December! Check them out and come by our bazaars too! 

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