So it's Christmas and you're getting ready to host your friends and family or simply just getting into the spirit of things! 

We've got 3 simple tips on how you can care for your fresh wreaths & mini table top trees to last this festive season! 

Keep your mini trees and wreaths fresh with some light misting daily. They don't need to be dunked in water as they don't have any roots. Misting daily will also slow down the rate it dries out. 


Your Christmas wreath and mini tree must be kept away from direct sunlight and heat! In fact, make sure that it does not get shocked by temperature changes. The best places to keep your trim, are in cool and shaded areas. 


Keep your trim away from humidity. Too wet, and mould WILL start to grow and that's not good! If kept well, you can in fact dry your wreath or tree and reuse them again! 

These beauties are great as gifts for friends and family too! Pick up yours from our Christmas Trim Shoppe today! 


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For tips and tricks on plant care and less known facts on flowers, you can check out our blogs such as roses for different occasions and guide to baby breaths.


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