SSSPRE-LAUNCH HAMPERS amber & moss soy candle
SSSPRE-LAUNCH HAMPERS choco coco almond butter
SSSPRE-LAUNCH HAMPERS gelatinized maca root
SSSPRE-LAUNCH HAMPERS almond culture black sesame

Happy Fellow Care Bundle


Send a basket full of organic, hearty, and sustainable products that will surely bring comfort to the fellow you care about. 

Inside the Care Bundle:

  • Ficus Elastica Burgundy
  • First Brew Almond Culture Drink (Black Sesame)
  • Mellowover Scented Candle (Amber & Moss Scent)
  • MaverickMade custom leather Card holder
  • Soul+Fix Powdered Supplement (Gelatinized Maca Root)
  • Nutbite Healthy Dip (Choco coco Butter)
  • Handdesignsg's Wood-cut Resin Coaster


Pictures are for reference purpose only. Actual products may vary in colour and/or size. We reserve the right to modify/replace products with one of similar or higher value in case of unforeseeable circumstances.