Sing See Soon Premium - Ready Packed Soil Mix
Sing See Soon Premium - Ready Packed Soil Mix

Sing See Soon Premium - Ready Packed Soil Mix


Size: 1 Litre (Plastic Bag)

1 Litre (Plastic Bag)
2 Litre (Plastic Bag)
0.5 Litre (Gift Bag)
1 Litre (Gift Bag)

We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Sing See Soon family—our Sing See Soon Premium - Ready-Packed Soil Mix.

🌟 Sing See Soon Premium - Ready-Packed Soil Mix: For general potted plants. Can be used for replenishing soil level in plant pots. Rich in organic matter.

Volumes: 0.5 Litre, 1 Litre


Rice husk + Charcoal + Pumice + Perlite, organic soil with nutrients, read more about the different components in our Basic Plant Care article here.

🌱 Why Choose Sing See Soon Ready-Packed Soil Mix?

  • Convenience Is Key: Each pack is pre-mixed, pre-measured, and ready to go. Forget about the mess and guesswork. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our soil mix takes the hassle out of plant care.

  • Time-Saving Magic: Spend more time enjoying your garden and less time preparing it. Our ready-to-use formula accelerates your gardening with nutrient-rich soil that requires no additional mixing.

  • Perfect for Beginners: Not sure where to start? Our soil mix is foolproof, making it ideal for beginners. It's balanced, it's nurturing, and it's the simplest way to ensure your plants thrive.

  • Eco-Friendly Promise: Crafted with sustainability in mind, our mixes use only the best, responsibly sourced materials to protect our planet while providing your plants with the perfect habitat.

Don't wait to make your garden grow. Shop Now and let every plant thrive under your care with Sing See Soon.