Top 8 Most Popular Chinese New Year Plants

Top 8 Most Popular Chinese New Year Plants

It’s the year of the (Fire) Rooster! Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate. May it be a joyous, prosperous and harmonious year for you!

According to Feng Shui principles, plants bring excellent energy into a home or office as they are full of vibrant Chi. As long as the plants are well tended to, placed in aesthetically pleasing pots, and positioned in good areas of the home or office, they will be able to add plenty of good luck and energy to any space.

For Feng Shui buffs, here’s some additional information about the proper positioning of plants (source):

As for the feng shui positioning of plants in one’s home or office, the best spots are in the bagua areas that are nourished by the Wood element of the plant. East, Southeast, and South bagua areas are excellent feng shui areas to decorate with plants.

The North bagua area can be weakened by the presence of a strong feng shui Wood element (too many plants), so it is best to avoid many plants in the North. The same applies to Southwest, Northwest, West, and Northeast areas; only a moderate presence of plants is recommended in these feng shui bagua areas.

The feng shui placement of plants in different bagua areas is based on the interplay of the five feng shui elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Once you understand the basics of this interaction, you will find it really easy to make the right choice when decorating your house or office with plants.

Popular Chinese New Year Plants

Looking to add a plant into your home or office this Chinese New Year? Here are 8 of our most popular plants:

1.Pussy Willow


Pussy Willows represent growth and prosperity, with their little buds showing signs of growth and the coming of Spring.

2. Kumquat plant

Placing a pair of these plants at your entryway will bring good fortune. They symbolize good luck, probably because the fruits resemble the sun, which brings ‘yang’ energy into the home. (Or probably because they look like gold ingots too!)


3. Orchids

sing see soon orchid

Orchids represent fertility and abundance, and should be displayed in valuable and beautiful vases.

4. Plumosa or “feng wei” (凤尾)

feng wei cny sing see soon

These vibrant flowers resemble the lucky Phoenix Tail that it is named after in Chinese.

5. Lucky Bamboo


Symbolizing good luck, longevity, prosperity and growth, bamboo plants are a must-have.

6. Cockscomb flower or Celosia, “ji guan hua” (雞冠花)


Named for its resemblance to the crown of the Rooster, this flower is particularly suitable for this year’s Zodiac!

7. Marigold


Tagetes erecta is also known as Mexican marigold or Aztec marigold, and is called “wan shou ju” (万寿菊) in Chinese. The name signifies  “10,000 years lifespan chrysanthemum”, so this plant brings with it a blessing of longevity!

8. Guzmania or Pineapple flowers


Guzmania lingulata is also known as pineapple flowers. The pineapple fruit is auspicious in the Hokkien dialect, as the name “ong lai” means the arrival of good fortune. The flowers can last a few months.

Bring great energy into your home by filling it with beautiful plants and flowers. All the above and more are available at our Punggol nursery. Come by and pick them up today! We’re open all throughout Chinese New Year 2017.

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